Need a Copy of your car key?

   Ramirez Pick-N-Save locksmith is your cheap solution to make a spare key for your car. Dealers can change upwards to 250 dollars just to copy a car key, Here we can do it for WAY less. Call today for a free estimation on getting a spare car key today.  We can do metal keys and we can do transponder keys. We can even just program your car keys or un-program lost keys just to play it safe. 

We serve Modesto, Manteca, Stockton and Tracy CA

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       Getting a copy of a key is always cheaper than having to make a car key without a spare. We highly recommend if you only have one car key that you get a copy of your car key.  Its a very affordable locksmith service and since we're mobile we can even conveniently come to your home to make you a car key copy.  You can even make it cheaper and just come to us and avoid a service fee today. Call now for a free estimation on getting you a spare key today. 

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Replacement & Copy Car Key Services We Offer:

  • Copy car key
  • Program car key
  • Replacement car key
  • Fix or replace ignition
  • Remove a stuck key